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Recruit our students and graduates

Strengthen your teams and find profiles to suit your needs by :

  • Recruiting our students through apprenticeship or professionalisation contracts.
  • Hosting our students as interns or offering student jobs.
  • Employing our graduates from two- to eight-year higher education courses (Bac+2 to Bac+8)

Hire an intern

Many courses require students to carry out internships to develop their skills and increase their employability.

The maximum duration of an internship is 6 months (i.e. 924 hours of on-site presence) per host organisation and per academic year.


Hire an apprentice 

With nearly 3,500 students on apprenticeships, i.e. 23.5% of its total number of students, Gustave Eiffel University is the leading university in this area in France and places great importance on the development of apprenticeship-based training.

Keenly aware of the benefits of this educational method for both students and companies, our university is particularly attentive to the quality of the tasks entrusted to apprentices and that of the supervision they receive from their academic tutors and apprenticeship supervisors. Each training component has dedicated apprenticeship officers who are available to answer any questions from organisations interested in this scheme. 

Why hire an apprentice?

Hiring an apprentice offers multiple advantages for your company, association or organisation... It allows you to :

  • Train a potential future employee.
  • Stimulate the dynamism of your teams with qualified, motivated and operational students.
  • Transmit your passion and expertise to the next generation.
  • Recruit at low cost for the company: financial assistance is available for companies that hire apprentices (tax credit, exemption from social security contributions, assistance for SOHOs etc.)  


Hire a graduate

Many students graduate from Gustave Eiffel University with all levels of degrees every year. Some of these graduates actively seek employment and may meet your requirements. Do not hesitate to contact us to talk about it or to attend one of the events organised by the university to facilitate the professional integration of its graduates.