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A university that promotes professional training

With over 100 work-study programmes, Gustave Eiffel University is the leading university in France for professional training, with a quarter of our students on apprenticeship or professionalisation contracts. Our training programmes are designed to offer career opportunities in line with the socio-economic world in all fields and disciplines.

According to your situation, whether you are a student in initial training or you already have professional experience and are returning to study, we will offer the support you need through our teaching teams, partner Apprentice Training Centres (CFA) and departments for Lifelong Learning and Validation of Acquired Experience (VAE).

If you want to develop an entrepreneurial project, the university offers support at every stage, from the initial idea to the incubator thanks to PEPITE (Student Centre for Innovation, Transfer and Entrepreneurship).

Apprenticeships at Université Gustave Eiffel

Almost 25% of our students are apprentices

Gustave Eiffel University is the leading university in France for apprenticeship-based training. For more than fifteen years, it has developed apprenticeship-based learning in many training programmes through its different components and institutions, thus promoting an educational approach based on alternating work-study periods and the professional integration of its students.

The university has nearly 4,200 students on apprenticeship programmes, i.e. around 25% of its total number of students, from over 90 different degree courses, from undergraduate to postgraduate level, including BUT, Bachelor’s degrees, vocational degrees, engineering degrees and Master’s and architectural degrees

They concern all fields of education: the humanities, economics and management, literature, arts and languages, mathematics, computer science, physics, etc.

The apprenticeship programmes at Gustave Eiffel University combine high academic standards and quality tasks entrusted to apprentices by companies during their placements. The quality of the work-study training structure is based on close follow-up of the apprentice in both the company and at the university and on a strong partnership between the teaching team and the host company.

“We work with a view to the rapid integration of our students into the labour market. To this end, we place special emphasis on apprenticeships and the quality of the tasks entrusted to our apprentices while ensuring a quality relationship between the apprentice and their supervisor.”

Muriel Jougleux

Vice-President for Partnerships and Professionalisation at Université Gustave Eiffel

Creation of the Apprenticeship Training Department (SFA): the university’s solution for the in-house management of engineering apprentices

Already the leading university in France in terms of apprenticeship-based training, Gustave Eiffel University went a step further in maintaining this dynamic by creating its Apprenticeship Training Department (SFA), dedicated to the in-house management of the apprenticeship contracts at ESIEE Paris, starting on 21 January 2021.

« This concerned 759 student engineers” says Fabien Dangel, Director of Development at ESIEE Paris and Head of the SFA. In time, all apprenticeship contracts at the university's engineering schools (ESIEE Paris, ESIPE, EIVP and ENSG) will be managed by this shared department. “Our aim is to become the leading CFA in France in terms of the number of apprentice engineers”, explains Fabien Dangel. “The SFA will facilitate the introduction of apprenticeship-based training in the other engineering schools. »

« The creation of the SFA heralds an increase in apprenticeships in all our engineering schools. »
Venceslas Biri, Vice-President of Training and Educational Innovation

Université Gustave Eiffel is also a partner of CFA Descartes, an Apprentice Training Centre offering general training combined with technological and practical training. It complements the training received in the company and ensures coordination with the latter.