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Applications and enrolment

Université Gustave Eiffel has 16 training components including four engineering schools (EIVP, ENSG, ESIEE Paris, ESIPE) and one architecture school (Éav&t). It offers more than 300 courses from post-secondary school to doctorate level, as well as institutional diplomas.

Would you like to enrol at Université Gustave Eiffel? There are several steps to the process:

1 - Application

You must first apply for one of our courses on one of the application platforms, depending on the course you wish to follow and your profile.

Procedure details


2 - Administrative enrolment

If you are accepted on one of our courses, you will have to proceed with administrative enrolment, either online or in person, depending on your situation.

Procedure details


3 - Pedagogical enrolment

In addition to the administrative enrolment, which is done at the school office, the secretariat of your course will provide information on how to proceed with pedagogical enrolment (choice of options, tutorials, etc.).

For the contact details of the secretariat of your course, please refer to the acceptance message you received or consult the course website.

The application, administrative and pedagogical enrolment processes may be specific to some of our schools, we recommend that you go directly to their website: ESIEE, ENSG, EIVP, ESIPE and Éav&t.