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Research components

The activity of the 1,200 researchers and faculty members at Université Gustave Eiffel is organised into research units and departments. These units from the founding institutions were evaluated in 2018 and 2019 by the High Council for the Evaluation of Research and Higher Education (HCERES) , and are not likely to see their definitions change. Together, they represent a quarter of French research on the cities of the future.

Research Units

 NameOther supervisor(s)
Comparative Power Analysis (CPA) 
 Observatory of the Suburban Condition (OCS)CNRS, Min. Culture
Information and Communication Devices in the Digital Age (Dicen)CNAM, Université Paris Nanterre
Research Team on the Use of Individual Data in Economic Theory (ERUDITE)UPEC
Urban Planning Laboratory (Lab’Urba)UPEC
Techniques, Territories and Societies Laboratory (LATTS)CNRS, ENPC
Cities, Mobility, Transport Laboratory (LVMT)1ENPC
Hannah Arendt Interdisciplinary Laboratory for the Study of Politics (LIPHA)UPEC
Interdisciplinary Laboratory for Science, Innovation and Society (LISIS)CNRS, Inra
Electronics, Communication Systems and Microsystems Laboratory (ESYCOM)CNAM, CNRS
Laboratory of Analysis and Applied Mathematics (LAMA)CNRS, UPEC
Gaspard - Monge Computer Science Laboratory (LIGM)CNRS, ENPC
Geographic Information Science and Technology Laboratory (LaSTIG)IGN
Navier2 LaboratorCNRS, ENPC
Geomaterials and Environment Laboratory (LGE) 
Literature, Knowledge and Arts (LISAA) 
Institute for Management Research (IRG)UPEC
Multi-Scale Modelling and Simulation (MSME)CNRS, UPEC
 Applied Biomechanics Laboratory (LBA)Aix-Marseille University
Biomechanics and Shock Mechanics Laboratory (LBMC)Université Claude Bernard Lyon 1
Ergonomics and Cognitive Sciences for Transport Laboratory (LESCOT)* 
Accident Mechanisms Laboratory (LMA)* 
Unité Mixte de Recherche Épidémiologique et de Surveillance Transport Travail Environnement (UMRESTTE)Université Claude Bernard Lyon 1
 Systèmes et applications des technologies de l'information et de l'énergie (SATIE)CNRS, ENS Paris-Saclay, ENS Rennes,
Cnam Paris, Université Paris-Sud,
Université de Cergy-Pontoise
Mixed Research Unit in Environmental Acoustics (UMRAE)CEREMA
 Applied Psychology and Ergonomics Laboratory (LaPEA)Paris Descartes University
 Information and Energy technology systems and applications (SATIE)CNRS, ENS Paris-Saclay, ENS Rennes,
Cnam Paris, Paris-Sud University,
Cergy-Pontoise University
Traffic Engineering Laboratory (LICIT)ENTPE

1 Scientific coordination with Planning, Mobility and Environment (AME) department laboratories
2 Scientific coordination with the laboratories of the Materials and Structures (MAST) and Geotechnics, Environment, Natural Hazards and Earth Sciences (GERS) departments.

Research departments

 Name and associated laboratoriesOther supervisory bodies for
mixed research units (UMRs)
included in the departments
« Planning, Mobility and Environment Department » (AME) 
Sustainable Mobility Individual Society (MODIS) (MODIS)* 
Economic and Social Dynamics in Transports (DEST)* 
Environment, Planning, Safety and Eco-design (EASE)* 
Emerging team Eco-management of energy systems for transportation (ECO7)* 
Geolocation (GÉOLOC)* 
Productive Systems, Logistics, Transport Organization and Work (SPLOTT)* 
Materials and Structures Department (MAST) 
Auscultation, Modelling and Experimentation of Transport infrastructures Laboratory (LAMES)* 
Physicochemical behaviour and durability of materials (CPDM)* 
Experimentation and modeling for civil and urban engineering (EMGCU)* 
Formulation, microstructure, modeling and durability of building materials (FM2D)* 
Aggregates and material preparation processes (GPEM)* 
Materials for transport infrastructures (MIT)* 
Steel and cable structures (SMC)* 
Geotechnics, environment, natural risks and earth sciences Department (GERS) 
Water and Environment Laboratory » (LEE)* 

Geomaterials and Environmental Interactions (GIE)

Geophysics and non-destructive assessment (GéoEND)* 
CG Laboratory (Geotechnical Centrifuges)* 
Soils, rocks and geotechnical structures (SRO)* 
Rock risks and geotechnical structures (RRO)* 
Institute of Earth Science (ISTERRE)Grenoble Alpes University,
Savoie Mont Blanc University, CNRS, IRD
« Components and Systems » Department (COSYS) 
Evaluation of Automated Transport Systems and their Safety (ESTAS)* 
Emerging Research Team New uses and practices of mobility in New Aquitaine (ERENA)* 
Ground Transportation Network Engineering and Advanced Computing (GRETTIA)* 
Electronics, Waves and Signals for Transport Laboratory (LEOST)* 
 Instrumentation, Modeling, Simulation and Experimentation (IMSE)* 
Built-in structure and instrumentation (SII)* 
Perception, Interactions, Behaviors & Simulation of Road and Street Users Laboratory (PICS-L) 

* laboratories evaluated by the HCERES only via the department to which they belong