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Resuming study, validation of prior learning and work/study courses

Université Gustave Eiffel places professional training at the heart of its development strategy by combining academic excellence and working closely with the needs of socioeconomic partners.

Building on professionalisation has three objectives.

  • Supporting the development of employee skills through multidisciplinary training adapted to needs
  • Offering skilled students to companies in the context of work/study contracts, internships or employment contracts for our young graduates
  • Creating the right conditions for close collaboration between the academic and socioprofessional worlds, in particular through training development councils, to improve the employability of young people and adults resuming study

The university's areas of competence  

With 1,200 researchers, faculty members and lecturers, Université Gustave Eiffel offers multidisciplinary lifelong learning. The l’I-SITE FUTURE scientific project places a strong focus on the themes of resource-efficient cities, secure and resilient cities, and smart and connected cities, and Université Gustave Eiffel's training offer echoes this, while maintaining its commitment to the fields in which its schools are already active, such as the arts, humanities, languages, social sciences, information technology, applied sciences, etc.


Vocational training

A lever for the development of individual and collective skills

Lifelong learning, validation of acquired experience and work-study programmes are three ways of accessing certification and/or qualification and belong to the field of vocational training.

Though these schemes are not always aimed at the same target groups: adults returning to school for lifelong learning, validation of acquired experience and some professional training contracts, and students for work-study programmes, they mobilise common funding mechanisms and players. 


Lifelong learning and VAE 

In terms of lifelong learning, the university is developing a strong sector of research-based lifelong learning, drawing on its expertise in the field of the I-SITE FUTURE (researchers, laboratories, experimental platforms) and its institutional and socioeconomic partners.

Lifelong learning courses are aimed at adults who wish to return to their studies or to enhance their professional and/or personal careers. Both schemes provide a recognised qualification or certification, adapted to the needs of the labour market.

Whether you are :

  • An employee who needs or wants to improve their skills, to develop in their professional environment and to have their diploma recognised by their employer
  • A jobseeker looking for integration and/or retraining
  • A company or organisation with the objective of upgrading the skills of your employees or validating their professional experience

Université Gustave Eiffel, thanks to its multidisciplinary approach and the quality of its teaching, can advise you, support you and offer tailor-made solutions for your projects. The degrees offered cover different levels of certification, from the BUT (technological Bachelor's degree) to the PhD, including the Bachelor’s degree, the professional Bachelor’s degree, the Master’s degree and the engineering degree, as well as the architecture degree. In addition, the university has a number of University Degrees (DU) which aim to increase the skills of candidates in targeted professional fields.


See the full range of courses on offer


Work-study programmes

EThese are mainly aimed at students who choose to combine their training course with either an apprenticeship contract or a professional training contract. The choice between these two types of contracts is made by the company, which makes a choice depending on the financial resources available.