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Campus Marne-la-Vallée

Health and social services

Université Gustave Eiffel has set up a number of services dedicated to health and social action for all students, as well as assistance and support mechanisms. In addition, the Universanté prevention action plan, featuring student ambassadors, aims to develop awareness-raising and information actions within the student community, by and for students, on issues of health and well-being.

The University Health department

The University Health and Social department is here to welcome you, listen to you and provide information.


It is made up of two centres: the medical centre and the disability centre.

The medical centre

Medical appointments

Le Service de Santé Universitaire (SSU) est un lieu d'accueil, d'écoute et d'information santé à votre disposition.

You have access to medical appointments for :

  • Health check-ups
  • Implementation of necessary arrangements for disabilities or health problems
  • Care for students at specific risk
  • Vaccinations
  • Prescriptions for contraception
  • STI testing and treatment
  • HIV testing
  • Prescriptions for nicotine substitutes
Individual and collective prevention actions

Care by a nurse

  • Reception, advice and health education
  • Nursing care, prescriptions for treatment

It is recommended that students with chronic illnesses make themselves known to the health department at the beginning of the academic year to enable effective care to be provided in an emergency.

Counselling (free of charge)
  • Individual appointments with the clinical psychologist
  • Medical consultations
  • Stress management workshops (small groups)


Medical centre

Bâtiment Copernic, 5 boulevard Descartes - Champs-sur-Marne

+33 (0)1 60 95 74 43

The disability centre

The student disability officer is the intermediary between students with disabilities and the university community (components, medical centre, social department, general administration, etc.).

It provides individual support to students with disabilities enrolled at the institution :

  • Reception / Information
  • Exchange / Listening to needs
  • Lending of equipment

The disability centre ensures that the arrangements recommended by the prevention doctor are implemented (non-exhaustive list) :

  • Increased time for academic work
  • Scribe (note taker or exam secretary)
  • Loan of equipment (laptop, software, dictaphone)
  • Adaptation of assessments and materials

Throughout the year, the disability centre welcomes, informs and mobilises the university community, raising awareness of the department's projects and events and national disability-related measures.


Disability centre

Bâtiment Copernic, 5 boulevard Descartes - Champs-sur-Marne

Bureau 0V100 – Scolarité Générale

+33 (0)1 60 95 74 84

ESIEE Paris disability support

The Assist'Étud service at ESIEE Paris aims to provide students with moral, financial and administrative support. This service works in conjunction with the university health department. It includes a disability support service, which is the place to go for advice and support for students who need special course arrangements.

Find out more about the disability support service

The social action department

The social action department is here to welcome you, listen to you and provide information, from Monday to Friday in individual appointments on site, by telephone or by video.

The secretary conducts a pre-admission appointment before each appointment with the social worker. This allows you to access information on your rights and to receive administrative forms before social interviews.

The social worker is bound by professional secrecy, their role is to :

  • Welcome and listen to students, whatever the nature of their difficulties: social, family, access to care, administrative, financial or psychosocial.
  • Provide information on all student-related schemes: entitlement to grants based on social criteria, access to information on housing, social legislation, energy vouchers, transport solidarity card, solidarity-based health insurance, IT assistance, etc.
  • Support students in their various procedures with:
    • Université Gustave Eiffel services
    • Administrative services of the Crous, external services (CAF, private insurance, Mission locale, Restos du Cœur, etc.)
  • Examine requests for financial aid, if necessary, and according to the dedicated mechanisms (CROUS, CAF, Mission Locale, private insurance, CROUS €1 meals, FSDIE, etc.)
  • Advise and support students in managing their budget (educational assistance, debt, etc.)


Social action service

Maison de l’étudiant – Wing B 1st floor – Offices B12/B14 and A15

 +33 (0)1 60 95 70 07

Help and support schemes

Université Gustave Eiffel provides a number of services and facilities that you can use. Don't hesitate to contact them!


Combating gender-based, discriminatory and sexual violence

You can make a report to the university's equality mission by sending an email to:

All exchanges are confidential unless the victim decides otherwise

The mission can help you with administrative, educational and legal procedures.

Visit the website dedicated to the equality mission


Prevention work by Universanté ambassadors

The Universanté prevention action plan at Université Gustave Eiffel aims to develop awareness and information actions within the student community on issues of health and well-being.

The Universanté student ambassadors are trained under this scheme on issues related to Covid-19 (preventive measures, vaccination, etc.) but also on health and well-being in general.

Information, prevention and other activities are regularly carried out throughout the year on the campuses of Université Gustave Eiffel by our students. If you come across them on campus, feel free to go and see them to exchange ideas and take part in the activities on offer.

You can also find them on the various social networks:

These preventive health actions are carried out in partnership with the CRIPS (Regional Centre for Information and Prevention of AIDS and for the health of young people), the French Regional Health Agency and our University Health Service.


Support for IT equipment

The Gustave Eiffel University offers you :

  • access to computer equipment at affordable prices negotiated with partners,
  • the loan of computer equipment, only if you are in a very precarious situation.

How to get access to digital materials ?

For computer loans, contact the Student Life Department. An IT assistance commission has been set up and applications based on social criteria file can be made to :

Student Life Department

Maison de l’étudiant – Office 02

+33 (0)1 71 40 81 94