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Our project

Our history

Continuing a common history that began over 20 years ago

Our university was created in 2020 based on an innovative model that brought together into a trifold structure universities, schools and research bodies for the first time in France.

We are the fruit of a common history that began over 20 years ago between a university (Upem), a research institute (Ifsttar), three engineering schools  (ESIEE Paris, ENSG, EIVP) and an architecture school (Éav&t). By pooling our many strengths in education and research, we forge better synergies to offer our different audiences a wider range of skills.

Université Gustave Eiffel leads the I-SITE FUTURE scientific ambition to prepare the transformation and sustainable adaptation of cities and territories.

Challenges and ambitions

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By 2050, according to the UN, 70% of the world’s population will live in urban areas and we must meet the urgent challenges of urbanisation while ensuring the social, economic, environmental and climatic balance of the planet.

Our responses to societal, environmental and climate challenges

Breaking down barriers and questioning disciplines

In light of these major challenges, at Université Gustave Eiffel we break down the barriers between disciplines in order to produce innovative knowledge for future transformations.

We analyse, search and make deductions to propose solutions while constantly comparing and questioning all disciplines: science and technology, the humanities, economics, architecture, etc.

Training and supporting future generations to reinvent the world of today and imagine that of tomorrow.

Training students, helping them to innovate and inspiring entrepreneurship to reinvent the world of tomorrow is one of the essential missions of Université Gustave Eiffel’s project. To imagine and resolve these societal and environmental challenges, we are committed to supporting and accompanying the future generations of informed and committed citizens, those who make the world of today and will build that of tomorrow..

Being a bridge to the business world for our students

As a bridge between the academic and business worlds, we are the leading French university in terms of apprenticeships. We adapt our training programmes to socioeconomic challenges and make them available to audiences of all ages at every stage in life.

Offering cutting-edge research and expertise

We have a wide range of facilities across the country that enable us to develop cutting-edge research and expertise.

As the leader in France in the field of sustainable cities, we alone represent ¼ of French research in this area. We are part of 15 international research and training networks

Informing society and public policy decision makers and co-constructing solutions with our partners

We transmit knowledge and pursue a mission to inform society as a whole.

We walk hand in hand with public and socioeconomic actors to invent cities in which people can live better together and become actors of change.

Bringing together committed and creative staff

On our different campuses throughout the country, we bring together curious, creative and committed men and women who work every day to create a better future for society and the environment.