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Open Science

Faced with the complex nature of current societal challenges (energy, ecological, digital, economic and social transitions), the research world, which is also questioned by society, aims to share research results more widely, promote greater transparency of scientific processes and the emergence of new forms of dissemination and development of knowledge.


Because of its missions and the diverse range of its research subjects and expertise, particularly in relation to cities and territories, Université Gustave Eiffel is committed to an open science approach.

The university's ambition for openness

In its approach as an institution, Université Gustave Eiffel considers open science in its broadest sense. Open science is the unhindered dissemination of the results, methods and products of scientific research. It is about making science more transparent, reproducible and cumulative through the development of open access to publications, data, algorithms and source codes. Open science also aims to rethink scientific practices and approaches by democratising access to knowledge, promoting dialogue between science and society and involving citizens in the production of knowledge.