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Campus Marne-la-Vallée

Associations and community life

When you come to Université Gustave Eiffel, you will be joining a university community of nearly 17,000 students. This is an ideal opportunity to enjoy an active campus life alongside your studies and to get involved in associations and community life.

Whether you want to get involved in the democratic life of the university or create an association, at Université Gustave Eiffel we offer you different ways of getting involved, depending on your interests and convictions.

By getting involved, you are also enhancing your career and facilitating your professional integration.

Student associations

Many student associations are housed at the university and work in a wide variety of fields, creating a dynamic campus life.

If you would like to create an association, the Student Life Department is available to assist you throughout this process.

Also, the Université Gustave Eiffel Solidarity and Development Fund for Student Initiatives (Fonds de Solidarité et de Développement des Initiatives Étudiantes - FSDIE) aims to help associations and/or student groups to carry out their projects by awarding them a grant. Projects may aim to develop a voluntary student initiative, particularly in one or more of the following areas: culture, sports, social action, health and disability, education, civic participation, the environment or humanitarian work. They may also involve training students in the various areas of student representation and associations.

Your involvement can also be recognised through Cross-Curricular Units ( Unités d'Enseignement d'ouverture - UEO).


  • Student and association-based initiatives

Student Life Department
Maison de l’Étudiant – Office B02
Contact the department

+33 (0)1 71 40 81 97


  • FSDIE Commission

Student Life Department
Maison de l’Étudiant – Office B02

+33 (0)1 71 40 81 94

Student associations

‘An audiovisual university association’ would be the serious way to describe 803Z, ‘a friendly, united collective’ would be a cooler way, and a more pretentious way would be ‘the Université Gustave Eiffel cinema association’. The best way to describe 803Z is simply ‘803Z’.



The goal of the Marne-la-Vallée Student Assembly (Assemblée Étudiante Marne-la-Vallée - AEM) is to represent all Université Gustave Eiffel students, by defending their study conditions and promoting their projects. AEM and all of its clubs also develop projects focusing on the major issues we students face today.



Social networks

L'As de cœur is a student association whose objective is to put the skills and resources of its members to use for humanitarian, aid and development causes. Our projects take place in France and also abroad. For the past four years, we have participated in the 4L Trophy humanitarian race and have organised numerous collections of donations for various projects (clothes, toys, bottle tops, etc.).



Room 1B011 in the Copernic building

Student life is what we’re all about, and we love organising events. Our student centre is open every day and is a friendly place to come to, with sofas, table football, table tennis and a microwave!





We organise parties, sports tournaments, orientation events and we can give you discounts at our partners.

In addition, every year we organise an integration weekend, a ski trip and we release a new clothing collection!


Social networks

Room 0S320- Copernic building (you'll find us behind the stairs!)

We are the STAPS students' association but we welcome all students on campus and even external students!

Feel free to drop by our premises to join our association, have something to eat or simply chat!

You can also come and register for one of our many events!

Le Bruit du Kouloir (BDK) is a music association with a fully-equipped rehearsal room. Members can use the many musical instruments and equipment, share their passion for music or make new discoveries.

Everyone is welcome to learn, express themselves, share and of course get on stage.

Come down and jam with us!


Social networks :

Lavoisier building, music room

Cinéko supports students in their studies through film-related events and helps them to set up film projects (creative assistance, tutorials, cinéklub, film screenings, particularly through the CinéKourt festival).



Social networks :

Main building: Alexandra David Néel, Room: A04 MDE.

Audience: All students interested in audiovisual media in all its forms.

We welcome all students interested in stage and set technology, and looking for an introduction to the professional world, to participate in organising the many student activities of the Cité Descartes. Our activities include: setting up and dismantling stages (sound and light systems) for student parties or other events, managing control rooms and ensuring that the technical aspects of these events run smoothly. In the future, we will be setting up training courses on using and repairing equipment.



Social networks :

Room A15, 5, boulevard Descartes 77420 Champs-sur-Marne (Maison de l'Étudiant)

The goal of our association is to promote and practice the understanding of robotics and related sciences, including electronics, mechatronics, mechanics, computer science and the Internet of Things.



Social networks

Room: Copernic building, room 1B031

Le Fond Du Kouloir is a friendly place where you can come for a snack and a drink. You can also come and clear your head over a game of table football or by relaxing on a comfy sofa!



Room 1B060 in the Copernic building

Lecturia is a friendly and welcoming book club founded by passionate students. We meet regularly over a glass of orange juice and chocolate biscuits to present our favourite books. There is something for everyone: manga, comics, novels, essays, thrillers and albums. We look forward to seeing you!



Building: Copernic

For 15 years, this online media association has been informing all the users of the campus by offering various and entertaining programmes: student life, news, culture, sports... Have a listen, and join the team at the Champs-sur-Marne Campus student radio!



Social networks :

Room : Maison des étudiants - Studio A01 and Office A02

We offer a diagnostic, repair and training service for faulty or broken household appliances or electronics.



Social networks :

Science Gateway is an association in which volunteers give lessons to high school and middle school students every Thursday afternoon with two partner high schools in Noisiel: Lycée René Cassin and Lycée Gérard de Nerval.



Email address :
Facebook group : SCIENCEGATEWAY

Our association aims to develop student life through Geek culture! We organise leisure activities in the world of video games, board games and new digital technologies.

Thanks to the various clubs of U-Geek & Co, you have the choice to do whatever you want, from role-playing and board game evenings with Wings of Games, E-sport tournaments with Team Universe, streaming with E-Tavern or graphic design with GraFX Designers.

The more the merrier!


Social networks :

Room: A12, at the Maison de l'Étudiant

We are a dance association and we perform at all kinds of events. So if you're looking for a place to dance, create, grow, perform or just enjoy, our troupe will welcome you with open arms.



Social networks :

Building : Dance room

Subject-specific associations, reserved for :

MJC&E (Meaux Junior Conseils et Etudes)


We are the Meaux Junior Enterprise, an association for students who want to develop their skills. Our goal is to enable you to overcome a problem we all face: a lack of experience. Companies entrust us with management-related tasks (communication operations, market research, inventories, etc.) which we carry out with the help of volunteer students. If you would like to propose assignments in another field, we are willing to consider them.


Social networks :

Premises: IUT de Meaux



The BDE SHS UGE works throughout the year to create cohesion and liven up our field. So join us to bring the humanities training and research unit to life as well as the whole campus, along with the other associations. We have plenty of fun, friendly events on offer between the different fields and associations.


Social networks :

Our building: Bois de l’Étang

Our Audience: Mainly humanities students but any student from the campus can join us.



The Bureau Des Étudiants student association represents all the students of the school, and is in charge of bringing all associations and students together to enjoy associative life.

Throughout the year, we organise a variety of events that everyone can enjoy, you can party, meet people and ESPECIALLY have fun.


Social networks :

Room:  Copernicus building, room 1B33

Audience: All students on campus except for special events (e.g. sweatshirt sales)

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BDI (Bureau Des IMACs)


The BDI is the association of students from the IMAC engineering course. Integration weekend, galas, sponsor-student meals, inter-year group meals, laser games, “jeudimac” evenings... thanks to our numerous partnerships (Scribe, Osteopathy School, Laser Game, Ferme du Buisson...), we do everything possible to make IMAC student life dynamic.


Room 1B031 in the Copernic building

ESIEE Paris has 4 associations: Esieespace, Junior ESIEE, the Sports Association (BDS), the Student Association (BDE), which includes more than thirty clubs and two integration committees in various fields: cultural, sports, humanitarian, scientific, etc. They are essential to the life of the school, bringing dynamism and cohesion among students.


Student bodies and representatives

The student vice-presidency

Since January 2021, the elected student vice-president is Enora Lorcy. She is supported by three deputy vice-presidents: Inès Pasquier, Roland Panzou and Tanneguy Allaire.

Student Parliament

The Student Parliament, a first in France, is a decision-making and representative body for the students at Université Gustave Eiffel, alongside the Board of Directors and the Academic Council. The body is chaired by the Student Vice-President, and plays a central role in student life, university life and educational issues.

The Parliament brings together elected students and members of student associations, and allows for peer-to-peer debate.


  • Student Vice Presidency


  • Administrative Secretariat of the Student Parliament

Bois de l'Étang – Office A215


Student Parliament


Meet Enora Lorcy (Student Vice-President) and Gerald Lebigot (Assistant Student Vice-President)


Elected representatives

On the central councils

Student representatives are elected every two and a half years. Two students sit on the Administrative Board and 12 students sit on the Academic Board, including four PhD students. All of these elected representatives sit on the Student Parliament.

On the component councils

Student representatives participate in the component councils and are elected every two years by the students of the relevant component. They participate in its organisation, guidance and management. They also sit on the Student Parliament.

Student representatives

Student representatives are chosen at the beginning of the year or semester from a tutorial, amphitheatre group or class, depending on the organisation of the courses. They are valuable contacts and can participate in working groups on campus life.

Sustainable development & social responsibility

The university is aware of the need to raise awareness and disseminate these issues. True to its commitment to society, the university has set up a dedicated mission: the Sustainable Development and Social Responsibility (DD&RS) mission


As a student, you have the opportunity to become a DD&RS officer and to participate in the development of an institutional policy and to raise awareness throughout the year among students and staff.

The two roles of the Sustainable Development and Social Responsibility mission

Raising awareness of sustainable development among staff and students through key events
  • The Student Sustainable Development Week, initiated by the Student Network for an Ecological and United Society (Réseau Etudiant pour une Société Écologique et Solidaire - RESES)
  • European Green Week, an initiative of the European Union
  • The European Week for Waste Reduction, initiated by the French Agency for Ecological Transition (ADEME)
Creating a Sustainable Development and Social Responsibility policy

The second role of the DD&RS mission is to create a policy made up of many projects divided into several themes:

  • Strategy and governance
  • Education and training
  • Research and innovation
  • Environmental management (lowering greenhouse gas emissions, reducing waste, respect for biodiversity, sustainable food)
  • Social policy

Find out more about the DD&RS mission

Equality and the fight against discrimination

The Gender Equality Mission works to ensure the promotion of gender equality within the institution and, more generally, respect for people of all sexes and genders, regardless of their sexual orientation.


Through support work, prevention, training and communication, the Gender Equality Mission at Université Gustave Eiffel fulfils the following missions:

  • Conducting and supporting work towards an inclusive society in the field of research, training and cultural life of the university;
  • Participating in the reflection on the ways to encourage positive developments in human resources, based in particular on the institution’s social report;
  • Participating in the fight against sexual harassment and sexism;
  • Developing awareness-raising activities for staff and students to identify good practices in favour of gender equality and supporting their implementation;
  • Helping to give greater visibility to all the actions carried out internally and externally by the institution, in particular promoting the initiatives undertaken by the university's components;
  • Encouraging the implementation of gender-neutral communication in the institution, including the drafting of administrative forms that respect diversity of sex and gender;
  • Promoting the dissemination of the image of an institution concerned with its social responsibility, in particular through the implementation of gender-neutral communication in internal and external communication documents.

Find out more about the Equality mission

For any questions and to report an event or an action 

For any questions and to report an event or an action

To communicate with Lilabot, the chatbot of the Student Observatory of Sexual and Gender-based Violence in Higher Education