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Encouraging the success of all students

D.Clic Project

The D.Clic project, winner of the NCU call for projects (New Curricula at the University), launched in 2018 for a duration of 10 years. Its goal: to promote the success of all students in general undergraduate programs at Gustave Eiffel University.

The search for attractiveness in undergraduate programs, still too many dropouts, and the need to adapt to new student profiles are the challenges our University must face.

In this context, the D.Clic project aims to promote the successes, not just the success, of all students.

The objectives of the project

Talking about successes obviously involves mentioning obtaining a degree, but other indicators must also be considered, such as measuring student engagement, their ability to become active participants in their personal, academic, and professional success, their understanding of the socio-economic world, the acquisition of skills beyond mere accumulation of knowledge, etc.

The D.clic project aims to support teachers and services in transforming curricula and student pathways, relying on three main levers:

  • Modified training architectures with diversified and adapted pathways based on student typologies.
  • Enhanced support and guidance.
  • Effective deployment of the competency-based approach.

D.clic is led by a cross-functional team involving various university services. This organizational structure, a source of innovation and common solutions, combines the different expertise of the institution to serve the project.

At the halfway mark, nine out of 16 undergraduate programs have committed to the project and have been supported in their transformation.



Nathan Hobigand :