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Learning for sustainable cities


AVID is the winner of the "Skills and Jobs of the Future" call for projects by France 2030, which aims to accelerate the adaptation of training to the skills needs of new sectors and future professions.

It was launched in 2023 and involves France Sustainable Cities and Territories, CFA Descartes, and Efficacity.

Its particular ambition is to support the development of sectors involved in the deployment of sustainable cities by adapting the initial training of students from the first cycle to meet the challenges of resilience, ecological and energy transition, social transition, as well as societal expectations and economic changes.

The objectives of the AVID project


AVID aims to transform initial training programs in the first cycle of university education (bachelor's degrees and first cycle of engineering programs):

  • For programs related to cities or urban activities (construction, transportation, network management, personal services, etc.), the goal is to integrate the latest research findings and adjust teachings to address the most recent challenges.
  • For more disciplinary initial training programs (mathematics, literature, etc.), the aim is to introduce systematic awareness elements about sustainable cities issues by providing adapted educational resources and maintaining a direct link with the disciplines studied.

The transformation of these teachings will be based on the creation and availability of educational resources derived from our research work, the development of experiential pedagogy using our major scientific facilities, and engagement with professional fields and communities through non-academic actors' interventions and/or visits.



Aurélie Lelaidier :