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Individual students

  • For the 2024/2025 academic year, Université Gustave Eiffel is renewing the partial exemption from the differentiated enrolment fees for newly arrived international students from outside the European Union, put in place in 2019/2020, so that the amount due is aligned with the tuition fees applicable to European students, relative to each degree and established by ministerial order.
  • For international students enrolled at member schools, please see this section.

International students from the European Union and European Economic Area

If you are a candidate from the European Union (EU), the European Economic Area (EEA), the Swiss Confederation, Monaco or Andorra and you wish to enrol in a French higher education course:

Please follow the steps below.

Step 1

To apply for the 1st year of a Bachelor’s degree

If you have or will have a French or European baccalaureate, an access to higher education diploma, a foreign diploma from outside the EU or the international baccalaureate:

You must log on to the Parcoursup website.

You can apply from 18 January to 08 March.

Visit the Parcoursup website

To apply for the 2nd or 3rd year of a Bachelor's degree, a Master's degree or engineering course

You must use the eCandidat platform on Université Gustave Eiffel’s website.

Most of our courses from 2nd-year Bachelor’s to Master’s are available for online application.

The applications website is open from February 2023 for all courses.

Each student will receive a reply indicating whether or not they have been accepted on the course they applied for.

Visit the E-candidate platform

Step 2

If your application is accepted, please follow the application process indicated on the Administrative Registration guidelines page.

Step 3

Online pedagogical registration

International students from outside the European Union and European Economic Area

If you are not a national of the European Union (EU), the European Economic Area (EEA), the Swiss Confederation, Monaco or Andorra and you wish to enrol in a French higher education course:


Find out more about the application procedure

Residence permit

The International Relations Department (SRI) is available to help you with the application procedure for a residence permit.

The International Relations Department (SRI) is available to help you with :

  • The application procedure for your first residence permit (excluding Long-Stay Visas equivalent to Residence Permits (VLS-TS));
  • The application procedure for your first residence permit (students subject to the VLS-TS procedure);
  • The application procedure to renew your residence permit.


If you have a VLS (D visa), a VLS-TS or a residence permit

Since 15/09/2020, foreign students’ residence permit applications (first request or renewal) have been processed electronically as part of the deployment of the ANEF (Digital Administration Service for Foreigners in France) :

Holders of long-stay visas equivalent to a residence permit (VLS-TS), student residence permits or “Algerian student” D visas can submit their applications via the dedicated website.

visit the dedicated website


Holders of competitive exam visas and minors attending school are not concerned by this dematerialised procedure.

Healthcare cover in France

New international students are required to register with Assurance Maladie for healthcare cover after arriving in France


Since September 2018, new international students have been able to register with Assurance Maladie via a dedicated website.

This procedure is compulsory and must be carried out after arriving in the country and after paying the “student life” fee to the CROUS and registered at the higher education institution.

This dedicated website, available in French, English and Spanish, is a unique space for international students to connect with Assurance Maladie.

Visit the website





    The university also has an accommodation platform where you can find rental accommodation, house shares, flat hares, sublet accommodation or a temporary room:


    Did you know?

    It is possible to receive housing assistance from the CAF (Caisse d'allocations familiales).Further information concerning application for this allowance will be given to you on your arrival. 

    All tenants in France are required to subscribe to housing insurance (40€ to 80€). In most cases, the civil liability insurance required for registration at the university and to obtain a student card is included in this insurance.

    - Visale, the Student Rental Guarantee, which is a government guarantee that allows students with an income but no personal guarantor to access housing more easily:

    - The LOCA-PASS guarantee, a free refundable guarantee for the payment of rent and rental charges, given to the lessor as of the tenant's arrival.


    more about

    International Mentoring Program

    The International Relations Department (SRI) has an international mentoring program.
    Students wishing to participate in the program must register via the online form before 12 July, 2024.


    The international student mentoring scheme welcomes new students and supports them in their administrative procedures to help make their adaptation and integration go as smoothly as possible, to strengthen relations between students and to create a sense of belonging within the university. The mentors are students who have already spent an academic year at Université Gustave Eiffel. The international mentoring scheme is free for new students. Mentors and mentees sign up to the international mentoring scheme for the duration of the first academic semester.



    Who can take part

    • Any student who has been enrolled at Université Gustave Eiffel for at least one year and who wishes to support other students.
    • All international students enrolling in 1st-, 2nd- or 3rd-year Bachelor’s degrees, a DUT, a Master's degree or an engineering degree at Université Gustave Eiffel for the first time and who wish to be accompanied.


    How to take part

    Students who wish to take part in the international mentoring scheme must sign up via the online form before 8 September 2023.


    The mentor’s role and missions

    During the first semester of the academic year, the mentor provides individual support to between 1 and 5 international students for all the necessary procedures related to their arrival in France and at Université Gustave Eiffel. This may include:

    • Information about the functioning of the university and the different administrative departments (visiting the campus, locating the different departments and components, etc.)
    • Pedagogical support (course registration, timetable, procedures, etc.)
    • Practical support (administrative registration, CPAM affiliation, opening a bank account, registering with the CAF, public transport subscriptions, etc.)
    • Support and information regarding the various events organised on or off campus (student events, etc.)

    Mentors are required to attend a training session organised by the SRI.

    Each mentor must complete and return a mentor’s booklet to the SRI.


    Bonuses for the mentor

    Subject to returning the duly completed mentor’s booklet to the SRI, the mentor can:

    • Either be paid as part of a student job (payment corresponding to 20 hours of work; the payment is made during semester 2 of the academic year);
    • Or obtain ECTS credits if their study programme offers an optional Teaching Unit and the international mentoring scheme is validated.

    Depending on the assessment of the mentor’s booklet, the panel of judges may or may not decide to award the bonus.

    Download the mentor’s booklet


    Online Welcome Desk

    Ce portail vise à faciliter les démarches des étudiants et des chercheurs en mobilité à l’Université Gustave Eiffel en Île-de-France dans la préparation de leur séjour, en proposant de :

    • Repérer d’un seul coup d’œil l’université et ses écoles établissement sur la carte et tous les services de proximité qui l’environnent,
    • Visualiser le calendrier des démarches à effectuer AVANT et APRES l’arrivée en Île-de-France,
    • Etre accompagné par une checklist des tâches à entreprendre, en fonction du profil spécifique détaillé selon plus d’une dizaine de critères différents (pays d’origine, statut de chercheur ou d’étudiant, durée du séjour, etc.)


    En savoir plus sur Online Welcome Desk

    French as a Foreign Language (FLE) classes

    French as a Foreign Language (FLE) and French as a Second Language (FLS) courses are available each semester, mainly for international students enrolled at the Gustave Eiffel University. 


    More information

    Online Welcome Desk

    This portal aims to make it easier for students and researchers in mobility at the Université Gustave Eiffel in Île-de-France to prepare for their stay, by offering to :

    • Locate the university and its schools on the map at a glance, as well as all the local services around it,
    • View the calendar of the steps to be taken BEFORE and AFTER arriving in Paris Region,
    • Be accompanied by a checklist of tasks to be undertaken, according to the specific profile detailed by more than a dozen different criteria (country of origin, status of researcher or student, duration of stay, etc.)


    More information