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Participate in the second edition of the European Hackathon

For the past two years, Gustave Eiffel University has been working with AFIT France (the French transport infrastructure financing agency) on a study of changes in mobility (goods and passengers) and their impact on transport infrastructure needs.
The aim is to continue the process initiated with AFIT France and its European counterparts, and to once again provide input into the discussion of infrastructure investment needs through prior work on mobility practices, their determinants, their possible shift towards greater sustainability and the implications in terms of renewed infrastructure needs.




This work will be carried out on a European scale, by mobilizing students at Master 1 and/or Master 2 level at the Gustave Eiffel University, but also foreign students at the same level in our partner universities:

  • TH Köln, Germany
  • LAUREA Helsinki, Finland
  • Université Uniza, Slovakia
  • ISCTE-IUL, Lisbonne, Portugal 
  • Bologne Univeristy, Unibo, Italy
  • École polytechnique of Milan, PoliMi, Italy
  • Dimitrie Cantemir Christian University, Bucarest, Romania


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