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ATHENA: a new model of distance learning with innovative digital practices

Gustave Eiffel University is a partner in a European project funded by the Erasmus + program: the ATHENA project (University Goes Digital for a Sustainable Global Education). Presented during a round-table conference during the FUTURE Days, this project highlights the need to optimize the digital skills of university professors, in order to improve their ability to respond to the challenges caused by the current pandemic or any similar future situation.


A project for the digital transition

Due to the containment caused by the COVID-19 pandemic, universities have been forced to adopt digital technology and learning methods. Thus, although some professors had never used such tools before, they all had to experiment with new pedagogical practices to meet the needs of students. However, the development of distance courses overnight has shown the limits of an impromptu shift to distance learning.

ATHENA (University Goes Digital for a Sustainable Global Education) is a new experience, a Digital Learning Live HUB that aims to help teachers create, test and implement collaborative, transformative and inclusive learning environments. As such, ATHENA fully explores all the possibilities of new technologies for a pedagogy that engages, motivates and supports all types of students, allowing the development of their skills, regardless of their background.

It is a universal online educational resource and toolkit that includes a digital learning pedagogical model and a prototype digital learning solution.


A European partnership

The partnership gathers :

4 universities :

A technology company: 

  • Webwise  is a privately held technology company with 25 years of solid and consolidated experience in the development of eLearning solutions and innovative methodologies.

Et huit partenaires associés :


The lead partners will develop the courses using innovative technology-based teaching resources and the capacity to implement them, while most of the associate partners will be involved in the dissemination and exploitation of the results.

The criterion for the selection of the universities was to have a strong profile and high quality standards in the fields of architecture, management, logistics and research methodology.

The main partners have experience in European and even international projects. Some universities have already collaborated in the past or are still collaborating in European projects, notably in the framework of the Erasmus+ program (the current PIONEER project for Gustave Eiffel University and the University Institute of Lisbon).

Given this, the ATHENA project can contribute to a growing collaboration for the full integration of these scientific fields.


The ATHENA project will be presented during the round table "Beyond the digital transition: new digital uses in higher education" at the FUTURE Days on Tuesday, November 29 from 2 to 4 pm.



FUTURE Days 2022-2023 :

Transition is nowadays a key word in the discourse, but it also covers multiple realities: ecological transition, digital transition, social transition, among others, are the challenges that territories are facing.
In the 6th edition of FUTURE Days, we propose to discuss these transitions: their realities, the transformations they imply and the ways in which they can be implemented.
The territorial variation of the transition issues invites us to initiate a series of meetings on the various campuses of the Gustave Eiffel University.

Join us for Act 1 of these meetings: Tuesday, November 29 on the Marne-la-Vallée campus.