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The LabEx (Laboratoires d'Excellence) are part of the "Laboratoire d'Excellence" program of the ANR (Agence Nationale de la Recherche), which is a component of the Investments for the Future Program (PIA). The LabEx initiative aims to foster the emergence of ambitious scientific projects that are internationally visible.

Their ambition is to structure scientific communities and stimulate original upstream research activities involving diverse and complementary skills.

The 4 LabEx initiatives led by Gustave Eiffel University

  • Urban Futures: This project examines urban societies, dimensions of urban change, links between urban activities and the environment, as well as vulnerabilities and resilience of urban societies.
  • Bézout: Specializing in cutting-edge research in mathematics and computer science.
  • SITES (Sciences, Innovation, and Techniques in Society): This initiative addresses the challenges of "knowledge societies."
  • MMCD (Multi-Scale Modeling and Experimentation of Materials for Sustainable Construction): The primary goal of MMCD is to develop research on materials, leveraging scientific expertise in areas such as numerical modeling, experimentation and imaging, mechanics, and chemistry.