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Shanghai rankings: Université Gustave Eiffel stands out in thematic rankings

The Shanghai ranking is an annual ranking of universities worldwide. For the third year running, Gustave Eiffel University stands out in 9 of the 54 thematic rankings.

The Shanghai ranking list focuses primarily on criteria relating to university research and academic performance. It rates universities on a number of indicators, including:

  •     Scientific publications: The number of publications in prestigious journals such as Nature and Science.
  •     Citations: The number of research citations generated by the university's publications.
  •     Nobel Prizes and Fields Medals: The number of alumni and researchers affiliated with the university who have won these prestigious prizes.
  •     Performance relative to size: The university's efficiency in producing publications and citations relative to its size.
  •     International collaboration: The number of foreign researchers affiliated with the university and the number of publications in international collaboration.

The 2023 discipline rankings classify institutions worldwide in 54 fields divided into five categories: natural sciences, engineering, life sciences, medical sciences and social sciences.

Université Gustave Eiffel has distinguished itself in the following areas:



DisciplineRanking in FranceRanking worldwide
Civil Engineering1st   (=)101-150 (=)

Transport and technologies

2nd (↗)76-100 (↘)
Earth Science7th    (↗)51-75 (=)
Environment10th    (↘)201-300 (↘)
Geography11th   (↘)201-300 (↘)
Atmosphere Science11th   (↗)201-300 (↘)
Economy13th(↗)301-400 (=)
Mecanical Engineering15th  (↗)301-400 (↘)
Mathematics18th(↘)101-150  (↘)