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Université Gustave Eiffel at the Transport Research Arena 2024 - Dublin

The Transport Research Arena (TRA) conference took place in Dublin from 15th to 18th April 2024, bringing together 4,000 experts from around the world to discuss the latest innovations and the future of transport and mobility. In particular, the TRA concentrate stakeholders from all transport networks (road, rail, inland waterway and air), bringing together the research and industry communities and providing a forum where they can exchange views and ideas with policymakers on the challenges and opportunities facing the industry.

Every two years since its creation, the TRA has represented a real opportunity to present research work on the theme of sustainable and inclusive mobility, as it is the largest European conference on research and technology in the field of transport and mobility. Once again this year, a delegation of 25 researchers and institutional representatives from the Gustave Eiffel University contributed to its visibility and influence in the key areas of transformation of the city and territories of tomorrow.


The Gustave Eiffel University was present throughout the week with a stand set up by the research networks on this theme of which it is a member: the Forum of European National Road Research Laboratories (FERHL), the European Rail Research Network of Excellence (EURNEX), and the European Conference of Transport Research Institutes (ECTRI), grouped together within the ETRA alliance.

Contributions from Université Gustave Eiffel

The week was marked by a number of high-profile events and the co-organisation of special sessions, including :

  • Co-organisation, as part of the ECTRI network's activities, of the special session 3.5 "Revolutionising Higher Education and Research in Transport: AI-enhanced Curriculum Design and Implementation", with a presentation by Dr Mahdi Zargayouna, Deputy Director of the Land Transport Network Engineering and Advanced Computing Laboratory (COSYS-GRETTIA) at the Université Gustave Eiffel, founder and head of the Master 2 SIA (Intelligent Systems and Applications).

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  • Moderation of the EURNEX special session 3.6 "Railway Research and Innovation Agenda" by Dr. Marion Berbineau, Research Director within the Components and Systems department (COSYS) in charge of rail research and head of the "Intelligent Mobility" cluster within Eurnex.

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  • Co-organisation of the special session 4.4 "Infrastructure Support for CCAM (Cooperative Connected Automated Mobility) – Digital infrastructure, Connectivity, Remote Management" with a presentation by Dr Léo Mendiboure, researcher with the Emerging Research Team on New Mobility Uses and Practices in New Aquitaine (COSYS-ERENA) on the theme of "Digital infrastructure, connectivity, remote management".

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  • Co-organisation of technical session 3.2.2 "Network/system performance" with a presentation by Dr Philippe Bon, researcher at the Evaluation of Automated Transport Systems and their Safety (COSYS-ESTAS) laboratory on "Simulation based infrastructure critical boundary identification for multi-modal transport hubs".

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  • Co-organisation of the FEHRL special session 5.4 "Electrical road systems" with Bernard JACOB, honorary researcher within the Components and Systems department (COSYS).

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  • Co-organisation of technical session 1.1. 11 "Analysis of Road Safety", with a presentation by Mohamed Mouloud Haddak, research engineer and researcher in road accident epidemiology at the Unité Mixte de Recherche Epidémiologique et de Surveillance Transport Travail Environnement (UMRESTTE), on the subject of "Disparities in road risk in the French overseas territories".

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  • Co-organisation of the technical session on "Circular Infrastructure Design", with a presentation by Emmanuel Chailleux, Deputy Director of the Materials for Transport Infrastructure Laboratory (MAST), on the subject of "Biobased pavement: lab assessment of a recycling technique without petroleum bitumen addition in Irish context".

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  • Organisation and moderation of the FEHRL special session 6.1 "Feeding Education with Future Challenge-based Research on Cities" by Dr. Agnès Jullien, Vice-President International at the Université Gustave Eiffel, member of the FEHRL Board, in collaboration with Prof. Tatiana Kováčiková, researcher in the framework of the ERA Chair project on Intelligent Transport Systems (ITS) at the University of Žilina (Slovakia). This session provided an opportunity to highlight case studies from various European cities, enabling lessons to be learned about the link between training, research and public policy.

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Researchers from the University are also the authors or co-authors of several posters on display at the conference.

The University's presence at the TRA also provided an opportunity to present the initial results of the InCITIES project "Inclusive, sustainable and resilient cities at the forefront", funded by the European Commission (Widening Call), in which Gustave Eiffel University is heavily involved. This project lays the foundations for a structuring alliance of European universities concluded between ten universities, the European PIONEER alliance, coordinated by the Université Gustave Eiffel. InCITIES, coordinated by ISCTE-IUL (Portugal), was presented by means of a poster and a pitch produced in collaboration with the members of the University of Žilina present at the TRA.

The PIONEER Alliance was also presented with a poster on the stand.

Finally, our network partners and the committee were invited to a reception on 17th April on our stand.

See the full TRA 2024 programme.