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A look back at the SEVille University Innovation Cluster launch day

On March 7, innovation players from the eastern Paris region gathered on the Marne-la-Vallée campus of Gustave Eiffel University to officially launch the SEVille project, which has been awarded the Pôle Universitaire d'Innovation label as part of the France 2030 call for projects.

The event brought together around a hundred participants from academic circles at Paris-Est establishments, as well as representatives of the French government, local authorities and socio-economic partners. The main objective of the day was not only to present the ambition of SEVille, but above all to facilitate exchanges between innovation players around this major new program dedicated to research and innovation on the Paris-Est site.

The morning was marked by several speeches, including that of the regional academic delegate for research and innovation (MESR), who reiterated the objectives of the PUI call for projects as part of the France 2030 program. BPI France's Deputy Director of DeepTech also spoke, highlighting the alignment of PUI actions with the French government's DeepTech plan. For their part, the heads of the consortium's institutions presented the position of PUI SEVille in their respective institutions' innovation strategies.

These presentations were followed by an exhibition of the project's actions by members of the operational working group, who took into account feedback from socio-economic partners and local authority representatives, expressing their expectations of the PUI. On this occasion, Gilles Roussel, President of the Gustave Eiffel University, explains that "our expectation of the PUI is that this crossroads between city, environment and health will enable us to develop, with our partners and the SATT, innovative start-ups that will have a long-term impact on society".

Professor Stefano Capolongo, architect, doctor of public health and professor of hospital design and public health at the Politecnico di Milano, was a guest speaker, sharing the "Next Generation Hospital" initiative in architecture for health, implemented in Milan.



About PUI SEVille

SEVille is a project supported by 7 founding members, with ComUE Paris-Est as lead partner.

Awarded the Pôle universitaire d'innovation label in September 2023 and €2.5 million in funding, SEVille is one of 29 winning projects in the France 2030 PUI call for projects.

At the crossroads of the Health, Environment and City themes, SEVille aims to increase the effectiveness of innovation support (partnership research, technology transfer, entrepreneurship) within the Paris-Est site, and to increase the flow of innovation projects emerging from research laboratories, while improving the conversion rate of these projects into innovation, notably through the creation of deeptech start-ups.


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