International policy

Université Gustave Eiffel's goal is to be a new, open, cross-disciplinary and citizen-centred university, with a novel approach that extends beyond the boundaries of engineering, the human and social sciences, urban planning and architecture and with international recognition in the field of sustainable cities. To achieve this, the university benefits from major experimental platforms, particularly in the European Research Area, but also far beyond. The university is

  • Open because it offers free international access to its scientific publications, research data, source codes and teaching resources;
  • Cross-disciplinary because it decompartmentalises human and scientific disciplines and more generally removes the barriers between different spheres of knowledge;
  • Citizen-centred because it has the responsibility to contribute to the common good by encouraging citizen engagement to achieve a major global societal impact.

"To increase awareness of our activities and increase our attractiveness, our networking strategy operates at both European and international levels with universities and research organizations to offer life-time training to new generations." Agnès Jullien, Vice-President for International Affairs at Université Gustave Eiffel.

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