Student Parliament

France’s first student parliament

Student life at Université Gustave Eiffel fosters student integration and fellowship. It is based on some specific features, the most important of which is the Student Parliament. A unique body on the French university scene, this Parliament, created by and for students, is composed solely of students elected from among the component institutions and other bodies (the Management Board (CA) and the Academic Board (CAC) and of students representing the associative sector. Its purpose is to improve student well-being, both educational and in terms of their daily lives, by supporting projects ranging from the organisation of cultural events to the improvement of facilities for student life.

The University's policy for student life will be discussed in the Student Parliament and is to be the subject of a multi-annual master plan. The decisions will be implemented by the relevant bodies.

Other tools are also available for student life: a dedicated service, funding from the Student and Campus Life Levy (CVEC) which each student pays in order to fund campus life, social or health-related assistance, the development of cultural and sporting activities, etc.